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Egg Freezing, IVF, Surrogacy — Global Fertility Connections CEO AMA GORDON Discusses The Business Of Having A Baby

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Level-up Your LinkedIn Profile with Tyrona Heath, Global Lead of LinkedIn's B2B Institute

Have you ever wondered how to maximize your potential connections on LinkedIn and use the platform to grow your business? In this deep-dive workshop with Tyrona Heath, marketing expert and Global Lead of LinkedIn's B2B Institute, you'll learn insider tips on how to make your profile stand out, how to maximize LinkedIn for your business and your personal brand, and how to make the most of your connections!

How to Go from Side Hustle to Successful Brand with Bea Dixon, Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company

Bea Dixon is founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company, which is is a plant-powered feminine care company free from parabens, sulfates, dyes, dioxins, and artificial fragrances. The Honey Pot is sold in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Wegman's, Kroger and on Amazon.⁠ In this conversation with Bea, yes, we talked about entrepreneurship, what the must-haves are for launching your products, and accomplishing your goals. But Bea also stresses the importance of not getting caught up in other people's definition of you, deciding what matters (and what doesn't), and -- most important -- doing what's necessary to take care of yourself and be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Be sure to lean in and listen. ⁠ 

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