We're on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs around the world with access to information, strategies and resources to help you build and grow your business and to still take care of yourself in the process! Plus, we're committed to giving back by encouraging and empowering girls to learn about entrepreneurship.


Tap into the expertise of top women entrepreneurs!

A Message from SiS Academy Founder
Elayne Fluker

Welcome to SiS Academy! I'm so happy to have you here! As host of the Support is Sexy podcast, I've had the unique opportunity to interview more than 450 women entrepreneurs around the world -- and I learn incredibly valuable information and insights from each and every one of them that help me better my business. As a result, I've been dreaming about creating an online learning platform just for women who want to learn from each other and grow professionally and personally. Thus, SiS Academy was born!


Here, you'll have a chance to tap into the expertise of women entrepreneurs and leaders hand-selected by me to teach you their expertise through video workshops, presentations and masterclasses -- which we refer to as our Video Courses -- and dive into topics such as how to create a passive-income business, how to launch your own podcast, how to write and sell your book, how to build your personal brand, how to build a powerful online community and much more!


Thank you so much for being here. Please have a look around for videos that will support you. Then just watch and learn!


Watch and learn no matter where you are...

Whether on-the-go with your phone or comfortably sitting in front of your computer screen, dive into your SiS Academy video courses wherever you are. Then, just watch and learn! 

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